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"Thoughts From the Sea of My Mind," is a collection of poems that run the spectrum from self-determination and love to family life. Scenic photographs intersperse the book and reflect the oceanic theme from the title.  

About the author:
Gordon D. Mahon is a songwriter/poet who lives with his family in a suburb of Orlando. He is also an accomplished Aerospace Engineer. Gordon developed a deep passion for music growing up in Brooklyn and from frequent visits to relatives in Trinidad & Tobago. The pictures in the book were taken by the author from various trips to Trinidad & Tobago, Oahu and St. Thomas USVI.

"My Soul Cried Out But I Could Not Weep" is a powerful story of innocence lost and the tumultuous road to recovery. This memoir reminds me of the song, “We fall down but we get up” by singer and pastor, Donnie McClurkin. The author fell many times due to teenage pregnancy, extreme poverty, rape and spousal abuse but she felt strongly that God had a plan for her life. The story is a candid account of her life growing up in Jamaica, a life shrouded in secrecy and deeply affected by buried pain. Her faith in God gave her the strength to keep fighting through the pain of abuse, the loss from dreams deferred and some heartbreaking mistakes, to claim the life and the blessings that God had ordained for her life. This is a painful but inspiring journey that should be passed on to sisters, mothers, daughters, friends and every woman who is going through a crisis. 

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