Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finding Your Happy Place During Stressful Times

How do I handle stress? I eat my favorite comfort foods, which is a grill cheese sandwich and Cherry Garcia ice-cream. Who doesn't love a good grill cheese sandwich and although I am a 95% vegan, there is something very comforting about dairy. I also listen to my favorite music (gospel and reggae) while tackling a huge project, the more stress the bigger the project. This weekend, I was trying to handle my father's illness without having a major meltdown in front of the kids so I decided to renovate the kids's bathroom.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Damn it, I am Alive and I am Happy!

Tree of Life
Are you ready to be happy this year? Are you ready to truly embrace life? I made one resolution this year and it is to write the children's book that I have been resolving to write for the past 6 years. My happiness does not depend on this; if on December 31, 2012, I realize that I failed to get even 2 lines written, it would still have been a happy year.  Happiness should come from just waking up in the morning and finding that we are alive for another day. We should wake up and yell, "I am alive and it is going to be a great day!" Our happiness has become so dependent on whether we accomplish our resolutions or check off all the things on our daily "to do list" that we are constantly waiting to be happy or to find someone or something that will make us happy.
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